My Alexa and the new Website.

So, I bought an Alexa.

Yeah, really.

So that meant a whole load of things.

First, I had to buy all the other stuff that you need for a camera of this type.
I needed at least one ND, since there aren’t any built in,
I needed cables and batteries and cleaning stuff….
And I needed cases.

Turns out, that last item is still in work.

Inerspace makes some nice cases, but apparently they aren’t aware of the actual diameter of Cooke Panchros… cause the case they sent was not the right size.
They thought the lenses were 3.75in in diameter.  Well, they’re not.  They’re 3.85in… and when you’re dealing with custom cut foam that tenth of an inch is a big problem.

So, after taking a month to arrive, I had to turn around and send the case right back.  I’m guessing it’ll come back friday of next week.  In the mean time, I’ve stuck the Panchros in their shipping boxes and put 5 of those in the Pelican 1600 which normally serves as my AKS case.  They fit quite well, and it’s actually lighter then the Inerspace one.

Also in the world of cases, I’m still figuring out what I want to do with the batteries.  I kinda like the idea of a case with the charger and batteries in it and a cord sticking out that I can plug in and charge the batteries right in the case.  That would mean making a case with a ventilation fan… something I’m not sure I want to do, cause then the case wouldn’t be watertight. Decisions, decisions.

Other then the cases, everything’s ready to go.

That meant I needed a new website.

The old one looked old… it was made without the benefit of Photoshop, and before I knew anything about WordPress and php.
So, a new site was definitely in order.

I like the new site.  It’s simple, but it works.  We’ll see if it stays around after I get Dreamweaver when Adobe Creative Cloud comes along.

The cool thing I worked into the new site is that every single page in the site is managed by WordPress.  This has a few nice features.  One is that every page is easily editable, from any computer.  The other is that the search box you see on the left of this page actually searches the entire site, not just the blog.

So, the Alexa is ready to go.  If only the cases were.



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