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View my Demo Reel.
(Note, this demo reel doesn’t contain any footage from the Alexa. Producers don’t usually like footage from their unfinished projects ending up on youtube, So, until there’s enough footage from my own projects to include in the Demo Reel, I am going to leave it out.  The quality of the Alexa itself needs no introduction.)

Below are some projects of mine; enjoy.

This Music video was shot at the Great Bear Groove dance weekend.


Perpetual e-Motion is an innovative contra dance band. I made this video for them to explain what they do.



I made this video as a freebee for the Charlottesville Fall Dance Festival in a couple of hours. My girlfriend Sarah came up with the idea, acted, and did all the artwork.

This was a fun project that I made for Nils Fredland to show off his dance calling. (Watch this on Youtube.) I also made another video that weekend.

This is a corporate video for the Curiosity Zone which is located in northern Virginia. (Youtube)


The following two projects were done in a collaboration with Deep Structure Productions.

Epsilon Films provided the camera package.

I was cinematographer on this project. It was directed and edited by Lysandra Patterson. (Watch on Youtube)


This was directed and edited by Zan Gillies.
(Watch on youtube)